They Were Sisters by Dorothy Whipple (Classic Edition)

They Were Sisters by Dorothy Whipple (Classic Edition)

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'They Were Sisters is a compulsively readable but often harrowing novel by one of Persephone's best writers, who always manages to make the ordinary extraordinary,' writes Celia Brayfield. This, the second Dorothy Whipple novel we have republished as a Classic, is, like the others, apparently gentle but it has a very strong theme, in this case domestic violence. Three sisters marry very different men and the choices they make determine whether they will flourish, be tamed or be repressed. Lucy's husband is her beloved companion; Vera's husband bores her and she turns elsewhere; and Charlotte's husband is a bully who turns a high-spirited naive young girl into a deeply unhappy woman.


"They Were Sisters 'exerts a menacing tone from start to finish. I eavesdropped on the lives of Lucy, Charlotte and Vera, compelled to go on but with a sense of simmering dread." - Charlie Lee-Potter of the Independent on Sunday

'The sparkling achievements of this accomplished novelist, not the least of which is the ability - rarer today than it should be - simply to entertain."- Salley Vickers

"A powerful portrayal of sisterly relationships and an emotionally coercive marriage"- Elizabeth Day

Paperback with flaps
Publisher: Persephone Books
ISBN: 978-1906462567
Pages: 464