Space Invaders by Nona Fernandez

Space Invaders by Nona Fernandez

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"A small jewel of a book . . . Fernández's picturesque language and dream-like atmosphere is well worth being invaded by. A book to slip in the pocket to read and reread." -Patti Smith

Preoccupied by uneasy memories and visions, a group of friends look back on their childhood. Their dreams circle their old classmate Estrella González Jepsen. They catch glimpses of her braids, hear echoes of her voice, read old letters. They recall regimented school assemblies, nationalistic class performances and a trip to the beach.

It soon transpires that Estrella's father was a ranking government officer implicated in the Pinochet regime and after she simply disappeared, question of what became of her haunts her former friends. Growing up, they were old enough to sense the danger and tension that surrounded them but powerless to resist or confront it. They could control only the stories they told one another and the 'ghostly green bullets' they fired in their favourite video game.


"Both haunted by the past and completely baffled by it, Space Invaders wonderfully and fearfully captures a particular moment of a history that will always be with its narrator; and always, now, with me." -Jon McGregor, author of Lean Fall Stand

"Space Invaders reads like a nightmare wrapped inside a campfire tale; a chorus of whispers heard from a dark room in the dead of night, each one a transmission from Chile’s hell." -Rob Doyle, author of Autobibliography

"Perhaps the hippest Chilean writer since Roberto Bolaño (with whom she shares a translator) . . . Short, stylish, and engrossing, this is a stellar book from a writer who should be on your radar." -GQ

Paperback with French flaps
Publisher: Daunt Books
ISBN: 978-1914198199
Pages: 88