Saplings by Noel Streatfeild

Saplings by Noel Streatfeild

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The four Wiltshire children live a comfortable middle-class English life. But as WWII overtakes the country, the family, like so many others, slowly disintegrates. Told from the perspective of the children, Saplings is “immensely readable . . . a dark inversion of the author’s best-known book, the children’s classic Ballet Shoes” (Sunday Telegraph).


"This novel was unexpectedly surprising. The characters had depth, and Streatfield captures war time Britain with accuracy. It was an engaging read and I could not put it down." - Amazon reviewer

"Streatfeild follows a happy middle-class British family into World War II and examines the psychological effects of the war and the evacuations of children from London during the bombings. As with her children's novels, her portrayal of how children think and feel is excellent." - Goodreads reviewer

"Absolutely loved this. Published in 1945, with the events, upheaval and traumas it describes very fresh indeed, Saplings is the story of four children - Laurel, Tony, Kim and Tuesday - and how their affluent family life in Regents Park changes forever with the outbreak of war." - Goodreads reviewer

Paperback with flaps
Publisher: Persephone Books
ISBN: 978-1903155059
Pages: 384