The Laws of the Skies by Gregoire Courtois

The Laws of the Skies by Gregoire Courtois

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Winnie-the-Pooh meets The Blair Witch Project in this very grown-up tale of a camping trip gone horribly awry.

Twelve six-year-olds and their three adult chaperones head into the woods on a camping trip. None of them make it out alive. 
The Laws of the Skies tells the harrowing story of those days in the woods, of illness and accidents, and a murderous child.
Part fairy tale, part horror film, this macabre fable takes us through the minds of all the members of this doomed party, murderers and murdered alike. 


"Unflinching in its savagery, the nightmarish poetry of this modern Lord of the Flies is undeniable." – Publishers Weekly

"The French know how to push horror’s boundaries, and Courtois is no exception. In this sliver of a novel, he gradually picks off his cast, mounting tension by juxtaposing horrific action with the children’s innocence and an innocuous setting… Courtois’ expertly orchestrated decimation melds into a brutal whole that leaves the reader shaken, though its final images will prove unshakable.” – Booklist, starred review

“Excellent...crystalline." – New York Times, Summer Reads

“Where can the line between the primal storytelling of fairy tales and horror stories be found? In The Laws of the Skies, which focuses on a camping trip gone horribly wrong, it becomes readily apparent that the border territory between those two types of stories can be its own fertile territory for captivating narratives.” – Vol. 1 Brooklyn, "May 2019 Book Preview"

Hardcover Edition
Publisher: Coach House Books
ISBN: 978-1552453872
Pages: 160