My Heavenly Favourite by Lucas Rijneveld (HC)

My Heavenly Favourite by Lucas Rijneveld (HC)

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In the tempestuous summer of 2005, a local veterinarian becomes enraptured by a 14-year-old farmer's daughter - his 'favourite' - as he tends her father's cows. This deeply troubled soul is our narrator: a man who believes he offers the object of his love a tantalizing path out of the constrictions of her conservative rural life, a chance to escape to a world of fantasy. But the obsessive reliance he cultivates builds into a terrifying trap, with a crime and confession at the heart of it that threatens to rip their small community apart.

An unflinching excavation of taboos and social norms, 
My Heavenly Favourite is a torrent of grief and obsession. The remarkable and chilling successor to Lucas Rijneveld's international sensation, The Discomfort of Evening, this profane novel is powered by the paradoxical beauty of its prose, which holds the reader fast to the page.

Translated by Michele Hutchison.


“Despite the dark subject matter, the novel’s unrelenting pace and single-paragraph structure entrance. This striking chronicle of delusion is hard to shake.”Publishers Weekly

“[Rijneveld] delivers the veterinarian’s meandering soliloquy in the style of a Beat poem, with hypnotic effect, via page-long sentences and chapter-length paragraphs. Replete with references to pop culture, rock music, and current events, the fantastical account is grounded in real possibility, making it all the more menacing.” Kirkus Reviews

“A tour de force of transgressive imagination―a dazzling addition to the oeuvre of an author of prodigious gifts.” 
Sandra Newman, The Guardian 

Hardcover Edition
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 978-0571375493
Pages: 352