Green Dot by Madeleine Gray

Green Dot by Madeleine Gray

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Hera is in her mid-twenties, which seems young to everyone except people in their mid-twenties.

Since leaving school, she has been trying to kick and scream into existence a life she cares about, but with little success so far.

Until she meets Arthur.

He works with her, he is older than her, he is also married. But in her soulless office - the large cold room she feels destined to spend her life in - he is a source of much-needed sustenance.

And though Hera has previously dated women, she soon falls headlong into a workplace romance that will quickly consume her life.

Laugh-out-loud funny, deeply moving and whip smart, Green Dot is a story about the terrible allure of wanting something that promises nothing and the winding, torturous, often hilarious journey we take in deciding who we are and who we want to be.


“By the time Hera finds out that Arthur is married, it’s already too late―she’s enamored. Gray’s writing skillfully captures the passion of their early trysts. The sex scenes crackle with energy, and the chemistry between Hera and Arthur is believable and seductive. . . A breezy, heartfelt coming-of-age story for Gen Zers concerned with how to grow up without growing cold.”Kirkus Reviews

“Hera is vibrantly written, and Gray thankfully provides her narration with enough distance for self-clarity. . . . Gray’s unflinching bildungsroman is great fun.”Publishers Weekly

“This book! What a gutting, funny, smart, smart, smart book it is, one that I absolutely inhaled while almost constantly emotionally bracing myself. Madeleine Gray is a hilarious, humane, and highly perceptive writer.”―Claire Lombardo, New York Times bestselling author of 
The Most Fun We Ever Had

Hardcover Edition
Publisher: W & N
ISBN: 978-1399612760
Pages: 384