A Sign of Her Own by Sarah Marsh (HC)

A Sign of Her Own by Sarah Marsh (HC)

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Ellen Lark is on the verge of marriage when she and her fiancé receive an unexpected visit from Alexander Graham Bell.

Ellen knows immediately what Bell really wants from her. Ellen is deaf, and for a time was Bell's student in a technique called Visible Speech. As he instructed her in speaking, Bell also confided in her about his dream of producing a device which would transmit the human voice along a wire: the telephone. Now, on the cusp of wealth and renown, Bell wants Ellen to speak up in support of his claim to the patent to the telephone, which is being challenged by rivals.

But Ellen has a different story to tell: that of how Bell betrayed her, and other deaf pupils, in pursuit of ambition and personal gain, and cut Ellen off from a community in which she had come to feel truly at home. It is a story no one around Ellen seems to want to hear - but there may never be a more important time for her to tell it.


"Sarah Marsh pulls off the difficult feat of showing the hearing reader how it feels to be deaf, in a fascinating and moving historical novel that cleverly intertwines history and fiction. Beautifully written, it stayed in my mind long after the last page was turned." - Frances Quinn
"An absorbing depiction of a turning point in history, and a young deaf woman's discoveries within it." -Margaret Meyer

"A vivid, tender exploration of language and its power. In A Sign of Her Own, Sarah Marsh draws us into a hidden world of silence, capturing in the process something fundamental about our longing to be understood." - Emily Howes

Hardcover Edition
Publisher: Tinder Press
ISBN: 978-1035401611
Pages: 432