Death on Gokumon Island by Seishi Yokomizo

Death on Gokumon Island by Seishi Yokomizo

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A fiendish classic locked room murder mystery, from one of Japan’s greatest crime writers, Seishi Yokomizo.

Kosuke Kindaichi arrives on the remote Gokumon Island bearing tragic news—the son of one of the island’s most important families has died, on a troop transport ship bringing him back home after the Second World War. But Kindaichi has not come merely as a messenger—with his last words, the dying man warned that his three step-sisters’ lives would now be in danger. The scruffy detective is determined to get to the bottom of this mysterious prophesy, and to protect the three women if he can.

As Kosuke Kindaichi attempts to unravel the island’s secrets, a series of gruesome murders begins. He investigates, but soon finds himself in mortal danger from both the unknown killer and the clannish locals, who resent this outsider meddling in their affairs.


"Seishi Yokomizo took a pinch of John Dickson Carr and a dash of Agatha Christie in creating Kosuke Kindaichi, solver of impossible crimes... Kosuke’s arrival [on Gokumon Island] coincides with a string of bizarre and gruesome murders. As deaths mount, the quirky, endearing detective strings together the clues to solve this fiendish puzzle" - The New York Times

"One of the best mystery, thriller, and true crime books out in June*  Bookriot

“This fiendish mystery... will appeal to all lovers of the Golden Age of crime fiction”
Pick of the Week, The Times and Sunday Times Crime Club

Publisher: Pushkin Vertigo
ISBN: 978-1782277415
Pages: 320