Brother of the More Famous Jack by Barbara Trapido (40th Anniversary edition)

Brother of the More Famous Jack by Barbara Trapido (40th Anniversary edition)

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'There are few modern tales of first love and its disillusions that are as thoroughly realised, as brilliantly lewd, and as hilariously satisfying to men and women of all ages as this one'- Rachel Cusk

Eighteen-year-old Katherine - bright, stylish, frustratedly suburban - doesn't know how her life will change when the brilliant Jacob Goldman first offers her a place at university. When she enters the Goldmans' rambling bohemian home, presided over by the beatific matriarch Jane, she realises that Jacob and his family are everything she has been waiting for.

But when a romantic entanglement ends in tears, Katherine is forced into exile from the family she loves most. And her journey back into the fold, after more than a decade away, will yield all kinds of delightful surprises...


“An unpretentious and very funny book . . . A complex and highly polished work . . . . Barbara Trapido has that rare ability to make her characters respond to small misfortunes and irritations exactly as people do.” ―New York Times

“A staggeringly competant first novel.” ―Boston Globe

“I've given . . . Brother of the More Famous Jack to dozens of people, and like me, they fall rapturously in love with Trapido's breezy, raunchy and unsentimental style.” ―Maria Semple, The New York Times

“Funny, charming, teeming with life, and real.” ―Nick Hornby, Esquire

“This is a first novel . . . but if established writers could get this good on the seventh try, readers would be the richer for it. . . . Lovely.” ―USA Today

“If you've been looking for a modern love story that shines with off-beat charm and sprightly intelligence--not to mention elegance of style--take heart. . . . This brief account cannot do justice to the wry, civilized tone and understated wit that lights up Trapido's writing.” ―San Francisco Chronicle

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN:  978-1526612656
Pages: 280