Anna O: a novel by Mathew Blake (HC)

Anna O: a novel by Mathew Blake (HC)

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What if your nightmares weren’t really nightmares at all?

We spend an average of 33 years of our lives asleep. But what really happens, and what are we capable of, when we sleep?

Anna Ogilvy was a budding twenty-five-year-old writer with a bright future. Then, one night, she stabbed two people to death with no apparent motive—and hasn’t woken up since. Dubbed “Sleeping Beauty” by the tabloids, Anna’s condition is a rare psychosomatic disorder known to neurologists as “resignation syndrome.”

Dr. Benedict Prince is a forensic psychologist and an expert in the field of sleep-related homicides. His methods are the last hope of solving the infamous “Anna O’”case and waking Anna up so she can stand trial. But he must be careful treating such a high-profile suspect—he’s got career secrets and a complicated personal life of his own.

As Anna shows the first signs of stirring, Benedict must determine what really happened and whether Anna should be held responsible for her crimes.

Only Anna knows the truth about that night, but only Benedict knows how to discover it. And they’re both in danger from what they find out.


Anna O delivers one gasp after another as it moves relentlessly towards its surprising and remarkably persuasive finale." — The Anniston Star

"Anna O sits at the pinnacle of psychological suspense! It’s a nonstop thrill ride through the darker sides of the human mind, filled with plot twists galore and populated by characters who are utterly real and undeniably appealing. This novel is written in the voice of a natural-born storyteller." — Jeffery Deaver

"Once you pick it up, there’s no putting it down. Layered and grandly operatic in scope and tension." — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Hardcover Edition
Publisher: Harper
ISBN:  978-0063314153
Pages: 432