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Twisted (25th Anniversary Edition) by Jessica Zafra (signed)

Twisted (25th Anniversary Edition) by Jessica Zafra (signed)

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Jessica Zafra, an award winning writer had her own newspaper column entitled Twisted in the broadsheet, Today. It came out thrice a week from 1994-2002, then from 2004-2005. It was widely influential since her editor the late Abe Florendo, allowed her to write "whatever the hell" she wanted. She was never censored or told to praise or lay off an advertiser. The first Twisted book came out in 1995 and spawned more essay collections and books. Her essays cover a wide range of topics - books, travel, movies, music and popular culture and they've appeared in Newsweek and The New Yorker. She has also won Palanca Awards for her short stories and the National Book Award for her essay collections. 

This volume of essays  contains pieces from the first three Twisted compilations. 


"Philippine literature isn't particularly kind to women, let alone women who speak their minds all the time, but Jessica Zafra is impossible to erase, and her books will always be cat-eared and passed on, unreturned." - Richard Bolisay, film critic and teacher

"Nobody could lob sarcastic, funny, opinionated and well-written truth bombs the way Jessica did with her Twisted columns. It was a must-read. She's still a must-read." - Terrie Gutierrez, content strategist

"Jessica spawned a generation of Zafraesque writers who imbibed her humorous and ironic writing style through repeated readings of Twisted books. Her writings taught these kids how to read and to think critically. With its 25th anniversary, the Twisted series must be celebrated with yet another reading." - Angus Miranda, writer and editor

"A handy companion in these times. The wry commentaries and accounts are like a caffeine fix on a Monday morning. Her sardonic wit, which can only come from a keen observation of people and events, prepares you for the horrors the week has to offer - especially the unfolding developments in our country." - Leo Abaya, visual artist, teacher, filmmaker

Paperback signed by the author
Publisher: De La Salle University Publishing House
ISBN: 978-9715556941
Pages: 244