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This One Sky Day by Leonne Ross

This One Sky Day by Leonne Ross

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Dawn breaks across the archipelago of Popisho. The world is stirring awake again, each resident with their own list of things to do:

A wedding feast to conjure and cook
An infidelity to investigate
A lost soul to set free

As the sun rises two star-crossed lovers try to find their way back to one another across this single day. When night falls, all have been given a gift, and many are no longer the same.

The sky is pink, and some wonder if it will ever be blue again.


"A glorious shout of a novel, a sensual, saturated blend of romance, magical realism and erotic comedy . . . Bravura pieces of whimsy blend with intimate explorations of grief, childlessness and crises of sexuality in an intricate narrative set on a single day."- Alex Clark, Guardian

"A haunting story about grief and love . . . Among the many charms of the novel is the way it celebrates the oddness of life." - Independent

"Easily one of the most gorgeous and lavishly sprawling books of 2021 . . . Ross's descriptions are rich with inventiveness, colour, flavour." - Financial Times

"A bold and bizarre story set over one day on a fictional Caribbean archipelago. In Popisho, everyone has a "cors" - some small piece of magic that is entirely their own. We follow star-crossed lovers Xavier, a master chef who can flavour food through the palms of his hands, and Anise, who learns of someone's ailment simply by touching them. Ross spins delight from utter mayhem - at one point, the vulva of every woman on the island drops out of their bodies, for no apparent reason - resulting in a work that is unpredictable and wonderfully fearless." - New Statesman

Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 978-0571358007
Pages: 480