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The Premonitions Bureau by Sam Knight (HC)

The Premonitions Bureau by Sam Knight (HC)

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The story of a strange experiment - a journey into the oddest corners of 60s Britain and the outer edges of science and reason.

Premonitions are impossible. But they come true all the time. 
You think of a forgotten friend. Out of the blue, they call. But what if you knew that something terrible was going to happen? A sudden flash, the words CHARING CROSS. Four days later, a packed express train comes off the rails outside the station. What if you could share your vision, and stop that train? Could these forebodings help the world to prevent disasters?

In 1966, John Barker, a dynamic psychiatrist working in an outdated British mental hospital, established the Premonitions Bureau to investigate these questions
. He would find a network of hundreds of correspondents, from bank clerks to ballet teachers. Among them were two unnervingly gifted "percipients". Together, the pair predicted plane crashes, assassinations and international incidents, with uncanny accuracy. And then, they informed Barker of their most disturbing premonition: that he was about to die.

The Premonitions Bureau is an enthralling true story, of madness and wonder, science and the supernatural - a journey to the most powerful and unsettling reaches of the human mind.


"A stunning piece of work. Brimming with mystery and suffused with haunting atmosphere, The Premonitions Bureau is the tale of a team of midcentury investigators who set out to answer some of life's most imponderable questions. With calm rationality and a keen sense of pacing, Sam Knight relates the extraordinary story of this initiative to study those among us who appear to be able to predict the future -- and in particular, to predict disaster. An enveloping, unsettling book, gorgeously written and profound." - Patrick Radden Keefe, bestselling author 

"An extraordinary story." - Emma Brockes ― Guardian

"A propulsive, atmospheric story, featuring a cast of strange characters, a series of unnerving coincidences and several apparently foretold disasters . . . [that] also touches on rich and fascinating themes."New Statesman

"Magnificent . . . I have a feeling - you might even call it a premonition - that a lot of people will really enjoy it." ― Daily Mail

Hardcover edition
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 978-0571357567
Pages: 256