The Parent Trap by Erich Kästner

The Parent Trap by Erich Kästner

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Funny, moving, affectionate and improbable, The Parent Trap has twice been adapted for film – and the title remains one of the great classics of German children's literature. 

Luise has ringlets. Lottie has braids. Apart from that they look exactly the same. 

But they are sure that they have never set eyes on each other in their lives. 

When the two girls meet at a summer camp and discover the secret behind their similarity, they decide to switch places. Everyone is fooled (apart from the dog) and, despite a few mistakes and misadventures, everything goes to plan for Luise as Lottie and Lottie as Luise – until their father meets a young, beautiful woman and things start to unravel.... 


"The book is different from the Parent Trap movies. It reads well aloud and has sweet drawings throughout." - Amazon reviewer

"Classic novel for children. Very popular in Germany. It's a pity that Kaestner's children novels are not all available in English in nice hardcover editions. The illustrations in this translation are the original Trier ones." - Amazon reviewer

Publisher: Pushkin Children's Books
ISBN: 978-1782690559
Pages: 144
Ages: 8 to above