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The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

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"As a girl, Frankie knows she is supposed to play by the rules, but the rules were made by Old Boys for boys and therefore are not her rules to begin with." - THE NEW YORK TIMES

So Frankie Landau-Banks decides to take matters into her own hands, outsmarting the secret all-male society at her rich kid boarding school by tricking the members, including her own boyfriend, into believing her increasingly outrageous commands are their leader's.

Undaunted by her male peers, Frankie contests the old-fashioned idea that it's the boys who rule the school proving that girls are not to be dismissed - even by her own father, a former member of the all-male society himself!


"It would be a mistake to underestimate this novel - or its protagonist...[Frankie] will challenge girls' images of themselves, who they are in relation to boys and why...The novel holds out the hope that a girl like Frankie - who has above all an unwillingness to settle -could grow up to change the world. THE DISREPUTABLE HISTORY not only delivers the line, but somehow makes you believe it is true."― The New York Times

"Adorably warm and funny ... "― 
The Guardian

"Engaging and clever... a challenging and thought-provoking writer for teenage girls ... This is a life-affirming, funny, thoroughly modern take on feminism and should have girls rooting for her every step of the way. Lockhart has given us a believable and inspirational heroine for our time." - Sally Morris ― 
Daily Mail

Publisher: Hot Key Books
ISBN: 978-1471404405
Pages: 352

A fictional high-wire ride master-minded by a novelist at the top of her form ― 
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