Strong Female Character by Fern Brady (HC)

Strong Female Character by Fern Brady (HC)

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A summary of my book:

1. I'm diagnosed with autism 20 years after telling a doctor I had it.

2. My terrible Catholic childhood: I hate my parents etc.

3. My friendship with an elderly man who runs the corner shop and is definitely not trying to groom me. I get groomed.

4. Homelessness.

5. Stripping.

6. More stripping but with more nervous breakdowns.

7. I hate everyone at uni and live with a psycho etc.

REDACTED as too spicy.

9. After everyone tells me I don't look autistic, I try to cure my autism and get addicted to Xanax.

REDACTED as too embarrassing.


Strong Female Character is a testament to the importance of self-knowledge. Fern Brady is a natural and engaging writer, weaving bleak episodes with moments of pure comedy as she reappraises crucial moments in her life through the lens of her autism diagnosis. Brutal honesty and a talent for storytelling combine to make an insightful memoir that’s not only very funny, but will no doubt provide invaluable moments of recognition for many readers.”Rachel Healy, The Guardian

“Fern Brady’s book is alive in your hands. Brave doesn’t cover it and I'm not sure what will. Fizzing with intelligence, it will hit you in the heart, lungs, and liver. You’ll laugh, cry, be still, and if you’re not autistic—by God you’ll learn. If you are autistic, you’ll be seen, heard, held, rocked, and loved here.”
Deborah Frances-White, author of The Guilty Feminist

“Glorious. Frank but nuanced, a memoir that doesn’t sacrifice voice or self-awareness. And it has brilliant things to say about being autistic and being funny.”
Elle McNicoll, author of Show Us Who You Are

“So funny and brilliant.”
Holly Smale, author of Geek Girl

Hardcover Edition
Publisher: Brazen
ISBN: 978-1914240447
Pages: 288