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Madam by Phoebe Wynne (HC)

Madam by Phoebe Wynne (HC)

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'Rebecca meets The Secret History. Gloriously dark, gloriously gothic' Sara Collins, Costa First Novel Award-winning author of The Confessions of Frannie Langton

For 150 years, Caldonbrae Hall has loomed high above the Scottish cliffs as a beacon of excellence in the ancestral castle of Lord William Hope. A boarding school for girls, it promises that its pupils will emerge 'resilient and ready to serve society'.

Into its illustrious midst steps Rose Christie, a 26-year-old Classics teacher and new head of department. Rose is overwhelmed by the institution: its arcane traditions, unrivalled prestige, and terrifyingly cool, vindictive students. Her classroom becomes her haven, where the stories of fearless women from ancient Greek and Roman history ignite the curiosity of the girls she teaches and, unknowingly, the suspicions of the powers that be.

But as Rose uncovers the darkness that beats at the very heart of Caldonbrae, the lines between myth and reality grow ever more blurred. It will be up to Rose - and the fierce young women she has come to love - to find a way to escape the fate the school has in store for them, before it is too late.

Perfect for fans of Margaret Atwood and Madeline Miller, Madam is a darkly feminist tale with an electrifying cast of heroines you won't soon forget.


"Imagine if Donna Tartt and Margaret Atwood got together to write a creepy, suspenseful novel . . . Brooding and unsettling, Wynne paints a gorgeous picture that only serves to camouflage the dark secrets she's hidden within." - Chandler Baker, author of Whisper Network

"The simmering menace and mystery kept me absolutely gripped . . . This was a smouldering slow burn of a novel that I could not put down." - Jennifer Saint, author of Ariadne

"Strange, dark, and utterly consuming . . . I loved it." - Katie Lowe, author of The Furies

"Chilling, eerie and very clever. I devoured it." - Polly Crosby, author of The Illustrated Child

Hardcover edition
Publisher: Quercus
ISBN: 978-1529408720
Pages: 448