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Looking for Trouble by Virginia Cowles (HC)

Looking for Trouble by Virginia Cowles (HC)

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This sensational 1941 memoir of life on wartime Europe's frontline by a trailblazing female reporter is an 'unforgettable' (The Times) rediscovered classic, introduced by Christina Lamb.

Paris as it fell to the Nazis
London on the first day of the Blitz
Berlin the day Germany invaded Poland
Madrid in the Spanish Civil War
Prague during the Munich crisis
Helsinki as the Russians attacked
Moscow betrayed by the Germans
Virginia Cowles has seen it all.

As a pioneering female correspondent, she reported from Europe from the 1930s into the Second World War, watching 'the lights in the death-chamber go out one by one' from the frontline - always in the right place at the right time. Flinging off her heels under shellfire; meeting Hitler ('an inconspicuous little man'); gossiping with Churchill by his goldfish pond; dancing in the bomb-blasted Ritz; reading 
The Intelligent Woman's Guide to Socialism on a Soviet train; eating reindeer with guerrilla skiers ... Introduced by Christina Lamb, Cowles' incredible dispatches will make you an eyewitness to the twentieth-century as you have never experienced it before.


“[Virginia] Cowles was not only a doggedly ambitious reporter but one whose glamour facilitated unique access to her subjects. . . . Looking for Trouble is a rollicking thriller of a memoir.”The Wall Street Journal
“In all its diverse richness of drama and compassion and penetration and wit [
Looking for Trouble] shows us the relentless progress of tragically integrated events, in a world where democratic civilization itself was fatally ‘looking for trouble’ by trying with all its might to look the other way.”The New York Times Book Review
“One of the truly great war correspondents of all time.”
Antony Beevor, New York Times bestselling author of Stalingrad and Berlin

Hardcover Edition
Publisher: Faber & Faber
ISBN: 978-0571367542
Pages: 560