Free Love by Tessa Hadley

Free Love by Tessa Hadley

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It's 1967 and London is alive with the new youth revolution. In the suburbs, meanwhile, Phyllis Fischer inhabits a world of conventional stability. Married with two children, her life is both comfortable and predictable.

But when Nicky - a twenty-something friend of the family - visits one hot summer evening and kisses Phyllis in the dark of the garden, something in her catches fire. Newly awake to the world, Phyllis makes a choice that defies all expectations . . .


"So real and humane and utterly transporting; fresh and yet, with the feeling of a beloved classic." - Meg Mason, author of Sorrow and Bliss

"I utterly LOVED this book!!!!! Tessa Hadley might be my new favourite writer... she is wonderful." - Marian Keyes

"A beguiling novel, deceptively easy to read; beneath the surface swim disturbing and age-old questions about freedom and fate."- Hilary Mantel

Publisher: Vintage
ISBN: 978-1529115239
Pages: 320