Collected Works by Lydia Sandgren (HC)

Collected Works by Lydia Sandgren (HC)

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In the long run, it was impossible to hide the fact that Cecilia had one day decided to leave her children and her husband, to take off and never come back.

Martin Berg is slowly falling into crisis. Decades ago, he was an aspiring writer who’d almost finished his novel, his girlfriend was the wildly intelligent and beautiful Cecilia Wickner, and his best friend was the up-and-coming artist Gustav Becker. But Martin’s manuscript has long been languishing in a desk drawer, Gustav has stopped answering his calls, and Cecilia has been missing for years - ever since she vanished from his life, leaving him to raise their two young children alone.So who was Cecilia? Martin’s eccentric wife, Gustav’s enigmatic muse, an absent mother - a woman who was perhaps only true to herself. When Martin’s daughter Rakel stumbles across a clue about what happened to her mother, she becomes determined to fill in the gaps in her family’s story. But she can’t escape the simple question at the heart of it all: How can anyone leave someone they love?


"Thrilling, brilliant and immense in the best possible way. Sandgren is a master storyteller, and I feel utterly bereft to have left the world of her absorbing characters. In a time of grim insularity, this is an uncompromisingly European novel, teeming with ideas and digressions on literature, art, history and love." -Francesca Reece, author of 'Voyeur'

"Compelling, tense and moving - I loved this smart and subtle exploration of modern motherhood and womanhood." -Daisy Buchanan, author of 'Insatiable'

"The most convincing work of literary fiction I've read in years: one part family saga, one part buddy comedy, one part mystery, one part bildungsroman, and one part philosophical inquiry into the nature of art, the whole filled with unforgettable characters, wry humor, and knock-down gorgeous sentences, positively vibrating with intelligence and style. People often write, with varying degrees of accuracy, that new books feel destined to become classics, but Collected Works feels like it already is one-and you, lucky reader, have stumbled upon it." -Emily Temple

Hardcover Edition
Publisher: Pushkin Press (April 2023)
ISBN: 978-1782277989
Pages: 736