Brief Histories: Essays by Don Jaucian

Brief Histories: Essays by Don Jaucian

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Brief Histories explores this question through 16 sketches hinged on pop cultural detritus from songhits to songbirds, early obsessions such as Polly Pockets, the longstanding influence of media representation, and the unrealized dream of safe spaces and security for the LGBTQIA+ community. At once humorous and heartbreaking, Brief Histories is a tour of the joys, hardships, and possibilities of growing up a gay boy in the Philippines.


"Warmly nostalgic, heart profoundly on its sleeve and its laughs grounded in the social and economic realities of growin up gay in the Philippines. Don Jaucian takes us through a lifetime's worth of obsessions and queer wisdom." - Raymond Ang

"This is the story of a boy who understood that he was not like other boys. In fact he was called an abomination, but he didn't torment himself about it. Instead he looked for a way to just be. He looked in anime and church choir, in video games and glossies, mushy pop hits, gay clubs, romcoms and gyms. He learned to peel away the romantic fantasies of late stage capitalism and endure the reality of living from paycheck to paycheck. And he became his own person. Because this isn't a fairy tale, but something better: the totally true and unvarnished history of inventing a self." _ Jessica Zafra

"A joyfrul read,  and a joyful read - in every sense of the word." - Elaine Castillo

Publisher: Everything's Fine
ISBN: 978-6219675147
Pages: 150